Don Lemon Educates Donald Trump On The Real Definition Of A 'Mob'

The CNN news anchor schooled the president on his use of the word.

CNN’s Don Lemon took President Donald Trump to task on Tuesday night over his definition of a “mob.”

During a campaign rally in Iowa, Trump called Democrats an “angry left-wing mob” who shouldn’t be allowed to govern.

“Facts. You tune in every night for the facts,” said the “CNN Tonight” news anchor. “So let’s remember the facts here.”

“The real mob is not Democrats,” Lemon said, but “a mob of white supremacists who killed a woman in Charlottesville. Killed. Killed.” 

“People who are voicing their opinion about something that they don’t believe in or that they think is bad for them is how the government and how the country works,” Lemon added. “That’s not a mob.”

Check out the clip below: