Don Lemon: Republicans 'Lied' About Obamacare

Don Lemon tore into Republicans on Monday for what he called their "lies" about Obamacare.

Speaking on his regular slot on the Tom Joyner Morning show, the CNN host said that "some" Republicans had "lied themselves into a corner and threatened to shut down the government unless Obamacare is no longer funded."

"Talk about selfish," he added.

Lemon proceeded to debunk what he called the three biggest "whoppers" Republicans were telling about Obamacare, ending with another shot at the leaders of the push to defund the law and shut down the government.

"If they were really, if they really wanted to do the right thing they would tell the American people the truth," he said. "They would tell the American people that it's not a job stealer, but it's easier for them to give rhetoric and try to save their own hide than to tell the American people the truth."



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