Don Lemon Teases 'End Of An Era' At CNN But It's 'Not What You Think'

"Everybody calm down," the "CNN Tonight" anchor said in a video clarifying his on-air comments.

Don Lemon teased changes to his role at CNN and promptly sent Twitter users into overdrive.

“I appreciate all the years of ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon’ but changes are coming and I will fill you in,” Lemon concluded his prime-time show on Friday.

With social media rife with speculation about Lemon’s future at the network, he later tweeted a video clarifying his comments. It was “not what you think,” he wrote.

“So, I got back down to my office after the show. Everybody calm down. I didn’t say I was leaving CNN,” the anchor said in the clip.

“I just said it was the end of an era for ‘CNN Tonight With Don Lemon.’ I’m not leaving CNN,” Lemon explained. “So, you will have to tune in Monday at 10 o’clock to see. That’s it. So relax.”

It means the announcement will come during the handover from Chris Cuomo’s earlier “Cuomo Prime Time” show.

“I’m not leaving,” Lemon added, laughing. “I’m not leaving.”

Should a shake-up of the network’s evening schedule be in the works, it would follow last month’s revamp of its daytime shows that saw Brianna Keilar moving from her early afternoon slot to co-host “New Day.”

Watch Lemon’s comments here:

Lemon on Saturday confirmed his show would from now on be called “Don Lemon Tonight.”

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