Don Lemon Suggests Trump Is Forcing Crisis So He Can Save The Day

The president looks like he's whipping up border chaos so he can be guy who fixes everything, the CNN host speculated.

CNN Tonight” news host Don Lemon on Monday criticized Donald Trump’s reported immigration personnel purge as the actions of a “president who wants what he wants and will do anything to get it.”

Lemon said the “cruelty” of Trump’s reported plans to reinstitute migrant child separations from their parents is “stunning.” Trump is “willing to bust through any and all norms that make our government function,” Lemon said. He “seems to believe he is above the law.”

And the president seems to be pursuing a cynical strategy to manufacture an immigration crisis through administrative chaos so he can then step in to save the day, Lemon suggested.

“Here’s what I want to know,” Lemon told a panel of guest experts (in the video above at 28:35). “Is it possible that he is doing this, that he is creating the chaos, because he wants there to be a crisis at the border? That he’s ... doing it so it looks like a crisis and then he’s the guy who comes in and saves” the day?

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio responded that such a move is straight out of Trump’s playbook.

“That’s always been his method,” said D’Antonio. “He always believes he can hang in there longer than anybody else and that eventually by some circumstance the tide might change and he’ll say, ’Oh look, it’s moving in my direction. I must be right.’”

Check it out in the video above.

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