Don Omar, Daddy Yankee And More Urban Music Stars Show Their Puerto Rican Pride With New Single (AUDIO)

In an homage to their native Puerto Rico, reggaeton artists Daddy Yankee, Yandel and Arcangel lent their voices and talents to singer Don Omar's new single "Yo Soy De Aquí” [I’m From Here].

With multiple references to the Caribbean island's national anthem and flag, and verses like "I feel an eternal pride for the island of the enchantment,” the song also talks about their personal stories and how they left their barrios or neighborhoods to become successful international artists -- achievements all of them feel they still owe to their people.

"I'm from here, from the neighborhood that saw me when I was born, from the corner that saw me grow up ... I will never forget where I am from, because that's who I am," says the chorus of the song.

"’Yo Soy De Aquí’ will be a tool to highlight the efforts of each of the performers who composed it, is the best way to communicate our pride in who we are and where we are from," said Don Omar according to local daily El Nuevo Dia. "It is an honor to work with colleagues like Yandel, Yankee and Arca on an song that marks historical precedent for the generation of urban music."

The singers are also expected to perform together in the concert "Made in Puerto Rico" in Puerto Rico next month.

Listen to the song "I'm From Here" above and more on Puerto Rico below.



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