Don Rickles Hospitalized, 'Learning How To Walk Again,' Regis Philbin Says

Say it ain't so! Regis Philbin said this week that his longtime friend and comedy legend Don Rickles has spent the last six weeks in the hospital due to an infection and is "learning how to walk again."

Regis shared news of the 87-year old comic's condition and told stories from his heyday as a guest on "Running Late With Scott Rogowsky" on Dec. 4 at Symphony Space in New York City.

"He's the last one of them all," Regis said before telling of the five operations Rickles has had after a cut on his leg became infected. He's been bedridden for over a month, but Regis said that as of this week, "They've got him up now and he's learning how to walk again."

You can watch the full clip above.

Rickles, who has been performing stand-up since the 1950s, is still active in the comedy world. Back in June, "Mr. Warmth" quipped about the old days with Bob Newhart at an AARP convention. Later that month he was honored by the Friar's Club with a lifetime achievement award.



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