Don Trump's Hair for President, etc.

In an age where TV image counts for so much, I find myself so mesmerized by The Donald's hairpiece that I have a modest proposal since I feel it might improve his standing with the public.

If The Donald would run with his own merkin as VP, the public could rest assured that, in a worst case scenario, such as a terrorist-driven gale, if he blew his top, the nation wouldn't be shorn of his level-headed example. Indeed, with a single deft move -- something easily accomplished, our president could recover.

Put baldly, no president can be positive of his VP. Witness Joe Biden coming out, er, embracing, er, marriage equality even before President Obama had a firm grip on it. But if The Donald is his own VP, he can be sure of his backup. If so, he wouldn't have to worry about being exposed by himself any more than he already is. This would give him time to concentrate on winning back Miss America, or building a Trump Wall to keep out "illegal aliens," who might ruffle his hair.

In sum, let Don, brace himself for the unexpected winds, which beset all presidencies. If so, with luck, not only he but the rest of us would be spared the embarrassment of being exposed by Fate.