Bestselling Author: White House Press Should Try This Next Time Trump Lies

Don Winslow wants reporters to take a tougher stance with the president.

Bestselling author Don Winslow, a persistent critic of President Donald Trump, has a suggestion for the White House press corps. The next time Trump lies, interrupt him and demand the truth.

If Trump tries to move on to someone else to duck the question, the next person should take up the same line of questioning.

And that’s not the only recommendation Winslow has for the media:

On Monday, Winslow called out reporters for not responding during a news conference when Trump accused “the Obama campaign” of “probably treason”:

Winslow is a former private investigator-turned-crime novelist. His books often cross over into current events, including last year’s The Border, the final chapter in a trilogy centered on the war on drugs. After the book’s release, Winslow challenged Trump to a debate on a border wall.

The president did not respond.

Winslow has since turned his talents from the page to the screen with a series of videos attacking Trump ahead of the election.

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