Bestselling Author Gives Republicans Some Harsh Truths About Right-Wing Media

Don Winslow shows how the right is profiting off coronavirus disinformation: "They are laughing at how gullible you are."

Bestselling author Don Winslow released a video open letter to Republicans on Monday that pointed out how many were being victimized by party leaders and right-wing media about the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Tens of millions of you in red states fell for this ridiculous lie,” the spot noted before showing how both Fox News and Republican politicians used vaccine skepticism to manipulate gullible voters and rake in money.

“They are laughing at how gullible you are”:

The video was shared widely and viewed nearly 1 million times within its first day.

“We are headed back into darkness again as a country because of lies, misinformation and gutter politics,” Winslow wrote.

Winslow is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers but has been an outspoken critic of Fox News, Trump and other Republicans. Last year, he released a series of videos hitting Trump ahead of the election.

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