Bestselling Author Don Winslow Reveals ‘The Greatest Lie Donald Trump Ever Told’

Winslow has a blunt reminder for Trump's supporters ahead of Election Day.

Crime novelist Don Winslow is back with another video hitting at President Donald Trump, this time calling out the “greatest lie” Trump has ever told.

Winslow’s new video runs through a list of Trump’s broken promises and deceptions, from the vow to release his income taxes to the claim that Mexico would pay for the border wall. But one lie, Winslow said, stands out above all the others:

“You’re nothing like Donald Trump,” Winslow’s video noted. “Remember that when you vote.”

Winslow, author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, has been a persistent Trump critic throughout the presidency. When his novel “The Force” was released in 2017, Winslow took out a full-page ad attacking Trump and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions for “War on Drugs”-type policies that disproportionately impact people of color. He also marked the release of his 2019 novel “The Border” by challenging Trump to a debate on the border wall.

Trump did not respond.

Now Winslow has created a series of videos hitting Trump ahead of November’s election.

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