Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck In Hilarious Cartoon Remix (VIDEO)

It now seems that just about everyone was hit by the recession. As we learned from the video below, even lovable Walt Disney character Donald Duck has gotten financially discouraged.

Using dozens of Walt Disney cartoons from the 1930s to 1960s, Jonathan McIntosh made this amazing remix where a downtrodden Donald gets his house foreclosed on after losing his job. He turns to Glenn Beck's radio show for moral support, only to be stricken with fear about the Nazis, Communists, and Islamic extremists that undoubtedly surround him.

The impersonation of Beck as a paranoid, psychotic radio slowly driving Donald mad with fear is hilarious, and the splicing of Beck's sound bites with the old Disney cartoons is seamless. Watch until the end to see how Donald ends up dealing with Beck's fear mongering.