Donald Glover's 'Community' Farewell Begins With An Epic Game Of Lava

"Troy and Abed in a bubble!"

Will this be the last "Troy and Abed" quote we ever get? Donald Glover said farewell to "Community" in an epic post-apocalyptic game of Lava -- the classic kids game where the floor is lava and if you touch it you're out. The entire school got involved in Abed's game, which was really a distraction because he wasn't prepared to see his best friend leave. As seen in last week's episode, Troy is set to inherit Pierce's fortune if he first sails the world for a year.

After the silliness of the epic Lava game, the show got down to the business of really saying goodbye. Troy had a heartfelt moment with each member of the study group before embarking on his destiny with ... Levar Burton?!

Entertainment Weekly's Ray Rahman thought it was a nice farewell. "It had all the elements of a great Community episode: adventure, emotion, Starburns. And it was an unusually strong one for Britta, too.” Britta spent much of the game trying to convince Abed to face his true emoions.

One of the reasons Glover left was to pursue his Childish Gambino music career, but the comedian has also inked a deal with FX to executive produce and star in a new show for the network. All this shouldn't keep him too busy to at least pop in from time to time? Troy and Abed are on Skype!

"Community" moves into the post-Troy world, Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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