Donald Glover’s ‘Guava Island’ Features New Version Of ‘This Is America’

The film's Coachella debut follows months of speculation over what the "Atlanta" creator's collaboration with Rihanna would be.

Donald Glover, also known as musical artist Childish Gambino, has revealed his mysterious new film co-starring Rihanna

The feature film, “Guava Island,” was first revealed at an early screening at the Coachella festival grounds in Indio, California, on Thursday night, The New York Times reported. It then officially debuted at the festival on Friday after Glover’s headlining set.

“Guava Island,” described as a “tropical thriller,” centers around a local musician (Glover) who is determined to throw a festival, according to the film’s description. As Vulture noted, Glover’s song “This Is America” and similar choreography from its highly acclaimed music video, makes an appearance in the film.

Glover’s character, Deni, leads a musical performance and rendition of the Grammy-winning song after telling his co-workers, “This is America, Guava’s no different than any other country.”

The film, which was first available for streaming on Amazon on Saturday at 3:01 a.m. Eastern Time, will stream for free for a limited time on the service, meaning no Amazon membership is required, until Saturday at 9:01 p.m. Eastern. 

“Guava Island” was directed by Hiro Murai, who has directed and produced episodes of Glover’s award-winning series “Atlanta” and the music video for “This is America.”

The film’s screenplay is credited to Glover’s brother, Stephen Glover, who has written and executive-produced episodes of “Atlanta.”

Rumors that Glover and Rihanna were collaborating on a project started last year when the two were spotted together in Cuba. Glover then premiered a teaser trailer for the film, which also stars Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie, at his Pharos festival in New Zealand in November, according to Vogue.

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