Donald Glover On Conan: Comedian Talks About His Twitter Savvy Family (VIDEO)

Donald Glover Tells Hilarious Story About His Twitter-Savvy Family

On Monday night, Conan O'Brien had his first show of 2011 and welcomed both Adam Sandler and Donald Glover to the set. Glover, best known from his role on NBC's "Community" told some great anecdotes about playing a writer on "30 Rock" and dealing with his tech-savvy mom and dad.

The best story Glover told was about his family's hilarious use of Twitter. First of all, his dad beat him to the punch and took the handle @DonaldGlover before he could. That left Glover to go with @DonGlover, which he later realized looks like "dong lover."

But it doesn't stop there -- His mom's name? Beverly Glover, but she goes by "Bon," so you can imagine what her Twitter handle might look like.

Hear more about Glover's hilarious mom and his impression of "30 Rock" in the rest of the interview below.


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