Donald Glover To Voice Spider-Man Miles Morales In Disney's 'Ultimate Spider-Man'

Donald Glover Is (Finally) Spider-Man

Four years later, #Donald4SpiderMan is finally a success!

While the "Community" actor and rapper's fan-spurred Twitter campaign fell short in its original goal, the role going to Andrew Garfield, Glover is set to voice the character of Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Man, in an episode of Disney XD's series "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors." Glover's casting is more than appropriate, as Morales' creation in 2011 was inspired by him, as well as President Barack Obama.

"It's certainly long overdue," creator Brian Michael Bendis said of the character back in 2011. "Even though there's some amazing African-American and minority characters bouncing around in all the superhero universes, it's still crazy lopsided."

Watch a clip from the episode:

While "Web Warriors" is set to premiere this Sunday, Aug. 31, at 9 a.m. ET, the episode featuring Glover will not appear until sometime in 2015. And though Glover isn't entirely satisfied without donning the suit on the big screen, this is still "pretty good."

"I still have hopes to do something like that one day," Glover told USA Today. "I don't look at this as second place. Spider-Man, he's such an icon -- you have to do something with him."

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