Donald J. Tramp: Black Lives Matter

This past week found me back on the campaign trail with Donald J. Tramp. As usual, he encountered protesters from various groups. So all and all, it's just a typical week for this controversial candidate.

However, Mr. Tramp has been getting some interesting support. After this week's incident at DePaul University where Black Lives Matter protesters crashed an event, Milo Yiannopoulos said Mr. Tramp's message is only getting stronger. Those who liked Tramp cheered loudly at the event, and those who hated him jeered. While the opinions are strong about the man, one thing is for certain, there is never a dull moment when covering his campaign.

This last rally was no different. As usual, Mr. Tramp went head to head with some Black Lives Matter protesters As one would predict, it was a showdown of epic proportion. So I took a minute to chat with him about this as well as some of the other, interesting endorsements he was receiving from the Republican party. Let's see what our favorite political puppet had to say.