Donald Rumsfeld On Daily Show: 'The Intelligence Always Is Never Perfect' (VIDEO)

Donald Rumsfeld On Daily Show: 'The Intelligence Always Is Never Perfect'

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart interviewed former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld about his new memoir "Known and Unknown."

Opening the interview, Stewart immediately quipped, "Right off the bat, apology accepted." They started off discussing Iraq. Stewart remarked that in his memoir, Rumsfeld wrote, "'Certainty with power can be dangerous'" and that the Bush Administration had had a "certainty bordering on arrogance" concerning entering the Iraq war.

Rumsfeld admitted that the administration had shown certainty, but stated that "the intelligence always is never have to question it."

Stewart discussed the discrepancies between what the Bush Administration told the American public and what was actually true. Many of these left Rumsfeld looking obviously uncomfortable, and he evaded many of the questions directed at him.

When asked if it was a reasonable criticism to say that there was faulty intelligence concerning Iraq and that the post-war plan was inadequate, Rumsfeld simply replied, "It is certainly a criticism that is made."

Stewart wrapped up the interview by asking Rumsfeld what he thought about the current safety of Americans since the Iraq war began. Rumsfeld said, "We are safer today. There is no question but that we are."

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