Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Didn't Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize (VIDEO)

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said over the weekend that President Obama didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize he received in 2009.

"He had not accomplished a thing when he got the Nobel Prize, it was given to him on hope -- had to have been, because there wasn't anything that he'd done. He'd been in office 15 minutes," Rumsfeld told CNN's Candy Crowley in an interview.

Asked by Crowley if he thought the president had been successful in improving the nation's image abroad, which she said might be evidenced by the seemingly shrinking number of anti-American protests on the streets of foreign nations, Rumsfeld objected.

"I don't think there's data that supports that, I think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for America," Rumsfeld claimed.

Despite his apparent disagreement with the merit of the president's brief legacy, Rumsfeld did say that he was pleased with the Obama administration's apparent willingness to keep some of the most controversial national security structures implemented during the Bush presidency.

"They are keeping Guantanamo Bay, they are keeping indefinite detention, they are keeping military commissions," Rumsfeld said. "They have come to the conclusion that it's easier to campaign than it is to govern."

WATCH (comments start around 4 minutes):