Donald Rumsfeld's Nearly $50,000 Portrait Unveiled At Pentagon (VIDEO)

Donald Rumsfeld's Nearly $50,000 Portrait Unveiled At Pentagon (VIDEO)

A painting of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was recently unveiled at the Pentagon and it carried an astounding price tag of nearly $50,000.

The portrait of Rumseld, which the former secretary reportedly paid for himself, will hang in the Department of Defense alongside those of his predecessors as a tribute to the former Secretary's role in the Bush administration.

"This country -- which has treated me so well -- exists and prospers because the members of the United States armed forces have volunteered to step forward and protect it," Rumsfeld said at an unveiling ceremony last week hosted by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates. "We can choose to engage the world and strengthen alliances with our friends and our trading relations, deter potential foes and to take the fight to them when necessary... Or we can retreat and make the tragic mistake of modeling our country after failing systems. If we choose the latter, let there be no doubt, we are certain to fail the generations that follow."

Back in 2008, the Washington Post reported on the price tag of official portraits, which often range between $7,500 to nearly $50,000.

WATCH: Donald Rumsfeld Portrait Unveiled At Department Of Defense

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