Elgin Baylor's Lawyer: Donald Sterling Threw His Gum At Me

Lawyer: Sterling Threw His Gum At Me!

Many who have crossed paths with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling over the years were not overly surprised by the racist remarks attributed to him. Attorney Carl Douglas, who once represented former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor in a wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuit against Sterling in 2009, went as far as to describe himself as "not the least bit surprised" after a recording purportedly of Sterling expressing racist views was released by TMZ over the weekend.

As Baylor's lawyer, Douglas deposed Sterling and confronted him about previous allegations of racism. During an appearance on HuffPost Live on Monday, Douglas recounted one incident in which tempers flared and chewing gum flew.

"One time when it became particularly heated, I claim he threw his gum at me across the table," Douglas told HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill on Monday. "He will say it just came out of his mouth as he was speaking to me with emphasis."

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