Fox News Hosts, Rick Santorum Lose It Over Trump Opposition Dirt Admission

Some of Trump's staunchest defenders twisted themselves into knots after the president admitted he'd accept info from foreign governments on 2020 rivals.

President Donald Trump’s admission in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he would accept dirt on his 2020 opponents from foreign governments ― and perhaps not tell the FBI about it ― had his staunchest defenders scrambling for excuses on Wednesday night.

Sean Hannity, a host on the conservative cable network Fox News, ranted about Stephanopoulos setting up the president and predicted the confession would spark “another round of fake, phony, moral selective outrage.”

“In many ways, that was a genius setup because the media mob will fall right into his trap, breathlessly spewing fake, phony outrage over a non-story for days,” Hannity claimed.

Check out the clip here:

Fellow primetime Fox News host Laura Ingraham demanded to know who in the Trump administration had approved the interview. Trump being “put in that situation is beyond me,” she said and suggested that Trump was “playing with” Stephanopoulos.

Rick Santorum, meanwhile, came up with what could be a contender for the most ridiculous defense of Trump yet. The former GOP senator from Pennsylvania told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Trump had spoken “colloquially”:

“He has, sort of, as we all do, filler words that don’t mean what they say, like, ‘I think.’”

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