Donald Trump Reportedly Workshopping Nicknames For 2020 Challengers

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has apparently become a fixation.

President Donald Trump is reportedly already dreaming up nicknames for his 2020 election challengers.

The president has been workshopping potential labels within the West Wing and in conversations with confidantes, sources close to Trump told The Associated Press.

It doesn’t stop there. The president is also reportedly looking for ways to wound his opponents by exploiting their vulnerabilities and plotting viable attacks to unroll at his campaign rallies.

Mudslinging has become a key feature of modern presidential campaigns. Trump, however, has made nasty nicknames and provocative punchlines signature features of his public facade. His “Crooked Hillary” Clinton smear of his 2016 opponent and his “lock her up” chants still resonate with his base to this day.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), one of Trump’s 2020 Democratic challengers, has become a favorite target. Trump frequently mocks her claims of Native American heritage with the racist nickname “Pocahontas.”

Trump was especially fixated on Warren’s Instagram video post announcing her exploratory campaign committee, ridiculing it repeatedly in discussions with his aides and advisers, according to the AP.

Trump used the same labeling tactic against Republican rivals in the 2016 race. He bashed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as “Lyin’ Ted,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) as “Little Marco,” and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as “low energy.”

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