Jim Acosta Schools Trump In The Constitution After His Weird 25th Amendment Rant

Twitter users have a civics lesson for Trump after his latest complaint.

President Donald Trump’s latest tweet made an odd assertion about the Constitution. 

Quoting Alan Dershowitz on Fox News, the Trump tweet suggested that invoking the 25th Amendment ― which has the procedures for the removal and replacement of the president ― is unconstitutional ... despite actually being in the Constitution: 

Trump Tweeted:

But CNN’s Jim Acosta replied with a civics lesson: 

Dershowitz and Trump were both responding to former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe saying on Thursday that Justice Department officials discussed whether Vice President Mike Pence and enough members of the Cabinet supported Trump’s removal via the Constitutional procedure. 

Dershowitz argued the amendment is about a president being incapacitated via a stroke or an attempted assassination and called using it in any other way “a despicable act of unconstitutional power grabbing.”

But the 25th Amendment doesn’t detail any such limitations; it simply lays out the process for enacting it, as well as a process for a president to dispute it. 

Others were also quick to point it out: 



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