Donald Trump Uses The Number 69 In A Tweet, The Inevitable Happens

The president is apparently unfamiliar with one of the ironclad laws of the internet.

Congratulations President Donald Trump, you just played yourself.

On Wednesday, the president of the United States tweeted about a recent Gallup poll showing that 69 percent of Americans expect their financial situation to improve in the coming year.

“Nice!” he added.

While this is unremarkable to many people, it isn’t to those of us on Twitter who are always on the lookout for unknowing participants in the great game.

For the uninformed (and with apologies to Sherlock Holmes fans), the game in question is the internet tradition whereby any mention or use of the number 69, in any context whatsoever, must be greeted with “nice.” If you’re wondering why the hell that is, it’s because of sex stuff. Go on Urban Dictionary, look up “69” and you’ll find that the number is shorthand for sex things.

Naturally, Trump’s inadvertent involvement in the Funny 69 Sex Number Game set Twitter abuzz, and hilarity abounded: