Donald Trump Touted 9/11 But Never Supported The Bill To Help 9/11 Heroes

C'mon, Donald.

Attacked for being a New Yorker, Donald Trump draped himself Thursday night in indignation and the valor of other city residents and first responders who answered the call of 9/11.

But it turns out he was terrible at answering such calls.

The group fighting to pass a permanent 9/11 health care law twice asked Trump for his support in getting it passed.

He never answered them or media inquiries related to it.

Even before that, he had a terrible record of donating to 9/11 relief efforts, according to The Smoking Gun. The billionaire gave all of $ 1,000 to a sketchy Scientology “detoxification” group.

The only GOP candidate on the top-tier stage in South Carolina who did back the 9/11 bill was Marco Rubio.

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