Twitter Users Blast Hypocrisy Of Donald Trump's 'Anonymous Sources' Warning

"So all the times you cited anonymous sources about Obama were fiction?"

President Donald Trump’s attempt at making a public service announcement about “fake news” backfired to many Twitter users on Wednesday morning.

Trump on Twitter urged people to “stop reading the story” if “anonymous sources” were cited by a news organization. He also claimed “many anonymous sources don’t even exist” in two tweets in which he again ranted about CNN and called the network the “enemy of the people.”

Fellow tweeters were quick to call out Trump over the time he promoted his Birther conspiracy theory by claiming an unidentified but, according to him, “extremely credible source” had called his office to say former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud.

Twitter users also cited Trump’s alleged use of fake spokesman monikers and his habit of claiming “many people are saying” to back up his point of view

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