Donald Trump Buys 10-Year-Old A New Bike After His Was Stolen

Donald Trump Answers Boy's Plea For Stolen Bike

Sometimes, one act of kindness can go a long way. And for 10-year-old Culley Larson, it has.

After his BMX bike was stolen, Larson posted a video on YouTube, hoping the thief would see how sad he was and return it. That seemed far-fetched, but the actual response was an even bigger gesture. Donald Trump saw the video on Fox & Friends and answered the boy's wish. Trump tells Fox:

"When he prays for his bike, we have to come thru."

The beauty part: Trump wasn't the only one whose heart broke for this boy. Larson says about 10 more people have donated their bikes in response to his video. Now, he plans to give them to other children whose bikes have been stolen.

And, in true Trump form, The Donald insists on buying Larson a bike that's even better than the one he had. In this case, we say: Donald, you're hired.

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