Trump And Fauci Are Still Talking -- And James Corden Has The Fake Tapes

Word that the president and coronavirus expert have been out of touch is hilariously debunked in a "Late Late Show" bit.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s admission that he hasn’t spoken to President Donald Trump in two weeks might alarm Americans hoping that the president is hearing sensible advice on handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus task force doc has been the science-backed messenger of caution while the president has pushed states to quickly reopen and relax social distancing, even though Fauci says the outbreak is far from over.

But host James Corden of “The Late Late Show” insisted Thursday the two are still talking, just not about that pesky global crisis. In fake but funny audio he “leaked” of their conversations (watch above), it’s clear the president still has important things on his mind.

Trump: Are cookies good for you?

Fauci: No.

Trump: Is ice cream good for you?

Fauci: No.

Trump: What about cake?

Fauci: No, sir.

Trump: Get out of my office.

Fauci: This is a phone call.

Watch above to hear Trump and Fauci discuss the president’s plan to turn everyone into Draculas to prevent COVID-19.

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