Here Are Some Gross Things Trump Apparently Said While Making ‘The Apprentice'

"Her breasts were so much bigger at the casting."
Donald Trump, a man who might be "obsessed with menstruation."
Donald Trump, a man who might be "obsessed with menstruation."

Former staffers from Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" spoke to Slate about their time working for the GOP presidential hopeful and revealed details that will make your skin crawl. 

Three former "Apprentice" crew members offered Slate some insight into Trump's behavior while working for the NBC series, which first aired in 2004.  

According to the show's former employees...

Trump described women by their breast size -- including women who worked behind-the-scenes on the show. 

He was always very open about describing women by their breast size. Any time I see people in the Trump organization say how nice he is, I want to throw up. He’s been a nasty person to women for a long time,” one crew member said. “My girlfriend at the time was a production assistant on the show and he made a comment about her, knowing that he was mic’d and that we’d all hear it. He said, ‘Who’s that hot little girl running around?’ For a second I was like, Cool, Donald Trump thinks my girlfriend is hot. But then I was like, Wait, an old man said something about my 28-year-old girlfriend. Take it easy, homeboy.

Also, he might be "obsessed with menstruation." 

“He would talk about the female contestants’ bodies a lot from the control room,” one midlevel producer recalled. “We shot in Trump Tower, the control room was on the seventh floor, and he walked in one day and was talking about a contestant, saying, ‘Her breasts were so much bigger at the casting. Maybe she had her period then.’ He knows he’s mic’d and that 30 people are hearing this, but he didn’t care. That’s kind of him. During the campaign, when he was talking about Megyn Kelly, I thought: He’s obsessed with menstruation.”

These anecdotes are consistent with other reports of Trump's behavior towards women, both within the context of "The Apprentice" and outside of it.

In 2004, he wrote that all of the women on "The Apprentice" flirted with him. And in 2013, he made an oral sex joke about a "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant. Former "Apprentice" cast members have also spoken out about Trump. Penn Jillette called him "a whack job" and Vivica A. Fox said the change she saw in him was "disturbing."

Various individuals involved in the Miss USA pageant made similar claims to the New York Times in a May editorial titled "Crossing the Line."

"He kissed me directly on the lips. I thought, 'Oh my God, gross,'" 1997 Miss Utah USA Temple Taggart told the Times. "He was married to Marla Maples at the time. I think there were a few other girls that he kissed on the mouth. I was like 'Wow, that’s inappropriate.'"

Trump disputed Taggart's remarks, though she said it happened multiple times. His camp was not immediately available to comment on Slate's story when contacted by The Huffington Post Thursday.  

The misogyny Trump apparently exhibited while making "The Apprentice" is not too dissimilar from the misogyny of his political campaign. Hmm... 

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liarrampant xenophoberacistmisogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.



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