This Donald Trump April Fools' Joke Is So Convincing It's Scary

And that's a huuuge problem.

Everyone already thinks Donald Trump's presidential bid is a huuuge joke, so this is just the obvious next step.

On Thursday night, minutes before April Fools' Day reared its ugly head, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" aired a faux Trump announcement, in which the reality-star-turned-presidential-hopeful admits that his whole campaign is a lie. Everything is just a joke. 

For the clip, Kimmel expertly strings together old footage of Trump, and the voice-over is just good enough that if this weren't released on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" you might even think it's real. Some YouTube commenters even debated if it was. And, yeah, that's a problem.

It's a little scary that everyone's so eager to jump to the conclusion that Trump's campaign was a prank this whole time. But how else do you explain things like key strategies relying on an unrealistic wall ('cause that worked out so well for Jon Snow) or candidates attacking each other over the size of their hands because "you know what that means."

Yeah, it means you peeps are wasting everyone's time. 

The reality is one of the people running for president will win. And you know what that means.

We're all moving to Canada!

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.



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