Donald Trump as Mayor of New York City

It's hard to deny the momentum of Donald Trump (and believe me I have tried). Trump strikes a chord with Americans that are angry. Angry at stagnant incomes. Angry at the impact of globalization. Angry at our political leaders inability to get anything done. Maybe angry at a host of other things too....

Trump appeals to them, and while I do not agree with any of it, I at least understand it (as I wrote here).

Trump supporters feel that with his strong approach and his successful business career, The Donald will make everything right. He will fix the political system and unleash the power of American individuals and businesses. He will build walls. He will bring jobs back. He will stride atop a new world order in which America again reigns supreme and unchallenged. He will probably also unite lost cats with their owners, personally command a manned spaceflight to Mars and back, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

They hope all this and more.

I will not argue that they are wrong. For all I know Trump would be everything he promises and everything his supporters hope. I will however say that Trump is risky and we should acknowledge the risks.

Are we really ready to trust Trump with our country? Is the office of President of the United States of America really the place for such a bet?

Why not let him try on a slightly smaller scale for a few years?‎

If his approach will work, why not try it in the greatest city in the world, before experimenting with the greatest country in the world?‎

Trump is "of" New York City. His name appears all over the place. New York City is America's largest city, it is home to many global companies, it is a world financial center, and NYC has the country's largest police force. Running NYC is no small task and NYC is not without large problems that need solving.

If while running NYC Trump solves our public pension issues, modernizes our infrastructure, creates world class schools, and continues to reduce crime, he would be hailed a savior. New Yorkers would do so much winning that according to Trump we would become sick of winning. If he did that then Trump wouldn't have to run in 2020 so much as be coronated.

So Donald, please run for mayor of NYC in 2017, prove to America and the world that you are even a fraction of what you claim.

Then run again for President in 2020. We will be waiting for you with open arms. ‎