Trump May Not Have Suggested A Muslim Registry, But He Fully Supported One

He said so on camera.

Donald Trump, who is vying to be the next president, tweeted on Friday to say he had never suggested the U.S. should use a database to track Muslims.

But while he may not have made the initial suggestion, Trump did support the idea of such a database on Thursday, and NBC News has proof:

"Should there be a database system that tracks the Muslims here in this country?" a reporter can be heard asking Trump after an event in Iowa.

"There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases," the businessman replied. "We should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it."

"I would certainly implement that, absolutely," he added.

Trump argued that a database would keep people from coming into the country illegally, saying it's "all about management."

When an NBC reporter later asked Trump if having Muslims register in a database would be any different from having Jews wear a yellow badge in Nazi Germany, Trump deflected.

"You tell me," he said.

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