Donald Trump Bans Glenfiddich Whisky At His Resorts, As Absurd Scottish Drama Escalates

Donald Trump has banned Glenfiddich Whisky from his resorts after Michael Forbes, one of the tycoon’s most well-known opponents, won top honors at an awards ceremony sponsored by the Scottish liquor brand.

“Glenfiddich should be ashamed,” Trump told the Guardian, claiming that Forbes, who famously refused to sell his farm to Trump’s golf resort in Scotland, won the “Top Scot” award last week because Glenfiddich was jealous of the billionaire’s inhouse whisky brand.

“I hereby call for a boycott on drinking Glenfiddich products,” Trump said, “because there is no way a result such as this could have been made by the Scottish people.”

Glenfiddich is one of several spirits produced by William Grant & Sons, which also makes Milagro Tequila, Hendrick's Gin and Virgin Vodka. The company maintains it had no influence on the “Top Scot” award, which was open to a public vote, according to the event’s marketing materials. “The person receiving the greatest number of votes, cast by the people of Scotland, wins the award,” the firm said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Trump, who is locked in a fierce battle with Scottish officials over the construction of a wind farm near his $161 million course, called the award a “terrible embarrassment to the people of Scotland.”



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