Donald Trump Calls Bernie Sanders 'Weak' For Letting Black Lives Matter Activists Talk

"Believe me, that's not going to happen to Trump."
<p>"That showed such weakness," <a href="">Donald Trump</a> said of <a href="">Bernie Sanders</a>' encounter with Black Lives Matter.</p>

"That showed such weakness," Donald Trump said of Bernie Sanders' encounter with Black Lives Matter.

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Donald Trump took on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Tuesday, scorning the Democratic presidential candidate as "weak" for allowing Black Lives Matter activists to take over the mic during a speech this past weekend.

"That would never happen to me," the GOP presidential candidate told a crowd of some 2,800 supporters in Michigan. "I thought that was disgusting," he added. "That showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women -- the microphone. They just took the whole place over."

While Trump saw one likeness between himself and Sanders -- "He's getting the biggest crowds and I'm getting the biggest crowds." -- the real estate mogul repeated that he wouldn't have stepped back and let the women talk. "Believe me," he said, "that's not going to happen to Trump."

The Black Lives Matter activists interrupted Sanders as he began a speech discussing Social Security and Medicare before a crowd of a few thousand in Seattle on Saturday. The two said that Sanders didn't pay enough attention to criminal justice reform and racial equality. After organizers failed to regain control of the mic, Sanders left the stage and the event was shut down.

The Democratic rival to Hillary Clinton has seen a swell of support in recent weeks, drawing crowds in the tens of thousands in key primary states. Still, Sanders is struggling to gain traction among black voters. A recent Gallup poll found that only 23 percent of black voters view Sanders favorably, while 80 percent view Clinton favorably. Sanders is also less familiar to black voters.

CORRECTION: This story previously overstated the size of the crowd in Seattle where Sen. Sanders was interrupted.

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