This Trump Supporter Quoted Beyoncé To Trash Clinton And It Was Cringeworthy

You may want to cover your ears.

There can never be enough Beyoncé references on cable news. But former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey (R) brought shame to Bey fans everywhere on Monday night when she uncomfortably tried to offer an example of “lewd” lyrics to prove that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite and secretly loves inappropriate content.

She was engaged in a discussion on “CNN Tonight” about a leaked 2005 audio recording in which Republican nominee Donald Trump claims he can grab women “by the pussy” because he is a celebrity.

But McCaughey was not finished once the discussion ended. She interrupted host Don Lemon to make one final point.

“I abhor lewd and bawdy language,” she said. “I don’t listen to rap music. I don’t like that kind of thing, but Hillary Clinton, when she expresses ... ”

She continuously looked down at her notes, perhaps to remind herself of the lyrics she was about to recite.

“I mentioned rap music because it’s full of the f-word, the p-word, the b-word, the a-word,” she continued.

“I don’t think anybody likes that but those people are not running for president,” Lemon responded.

McCaughey carried on.

“Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds the language on that bus, ‘horrific,’ but in fact, she likes language like this,” she said, continuing:

“‘I came to slay, bitch. When he f-ed me good I take his ass to Red Lobster.’ That happens to be from Beyoncé, her favorite performer. Whom she says she idolizes and would like to imitate. There’s a lot of hypocrisy, in Hillary Clinton expressing such horror at language on the bus.”

“OK, Betsy,” Lemon said after laughing.

Later on, Lemon schooled McCaughey about who has actually said lewd things during this election cycle.

“As much as I like hearing you say that, Hillary Clinton did not say those words,” he said. “Donald Trump actually said the words, and as my mom would say, that’s the horse of another color.”

Many have characterized Trump’s leaked comments as a nail in the coffin for his campaign. A long list of Republicans have dropped their support for Trump, with key endorsers like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) joining the list since Friday.

Clinton is currently in the lead, polling at 49 percent to Trump’s 42 percent, according to HuffPost Pollster.

UPDATE: 1:27 p.m. ― The BeyHive went after McCaughey on Tuesday. Seemingly infinite comments of bee emojis appeared all over her Facebook profile.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularlyincitespolitical violence and is a

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