Colin Jost Trashes Trump's Holy Book In Biblical 'Weekend Update' Burn

The "SNL" news segment's co-anchor joked about what the former president was up to during Joe Biden's record-setting fundraiser in New York last week.

Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost spotted how Donald Trump’s $60 “God Bless the USA Bible” stacks up against the actual Bible on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

“This Bible is mostly the same, but Trump’s version ends with Jesus’ disciples storming Jerusalem to overturn the results of the crucifixion,” Jost said, referencing the U.S. Capitol attack that took place on Jan. 6 by Trump supporters.

Jost also noted how Trump’s Bible, which he announced last week on Truth Social, includes the Constitution and lyrics to country singer-songwriter Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” before going on to joke, “And, I assume, God’s letter of resignation.”

He quipped that Trump was selling Bibles “door-to-door” as former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama joined President Joe Biden at his record-setting fundraiser in New York on Thursday.

Jost later aired a clip of Trump promoting his version of the holy book, where the former president claimed to have “many” Bibles in his home.

“Many. I actually believe he has many Bibles. I’m sure he’s been sent thousands of Bibles with a note that says, ‘Please read this,’” Jost said.

Check out more from “Weekend Update” in the clips below.

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