Twitter Users Accuse Trump Of Victim Blaming After Florida Shooting

"Nothing like blaming the classmates for their own murders. Well done!" one user tweeted.

Twitter users accused President Donald Trump of victim blaming after the president’s Thursday tweet suggested that people who knew suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz may not have done enough to prevent the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The president’s tweet said neighbors and classmates knew the suspect accused of carrying out Wednesday’s attack was a “big problem.”

Trump may have thought his tweet was well-intentioned, but many people on Twitter felt it sent the wrong message, especially considering reports that a YouTube video blogger did report Cruz to the FBI.

And social media users let the president know it.

Others had similar thoughts but expressed them much more directly.

Some people felt the president’s suggestion was a bit simplistic and hypocritical.

One guy just thought it was ridiculous.

A few people felt he’s the wrong guy to be making this type of statement.

Then there was the user who brought up an infamous Trump quote that appears to contradict the president’s more recent message condemning the gun violence in Florida.

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