Donald Trump Booed At WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans are apparently not fans of The Donald.

Donald Trump was reportedly booed off the stage at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, according to various reports and attendees. The 66-year-old businessman attended the April 6 event as an inductee into the organization's 2013 Hall of Fame.

He was introduced by WWE CEO Vince McMahon, a longtime friend of the "Celebrity Apprentice" creator. According to Bleacher Report, McMahon said Trump has helped the WWE and would have made a great U.S. president, but even this endorsement wasn't enough to quell the audience.

“Donald will soon find out this is a very partisan crowd," McMahon said in response to the booing. Later adding, “You’re not even going to let him come out here before you boo him?”

When Trump appeared, the heckling only continued.

"Trump was booed for most of his speech and eventually cut it short after the abuse," according to a Wrestling Online recap. His son was also apparently booed, but his daughter, Ivanka, was not. "Trump noted that at least there is a member of the Trump family that the MSG crowd liked!"

Others noted the negative response.

But Trump himself seemed unfazed by the incident. On Sunday he posted a cheery tweet that made no mention of his icy reception from WWE fans.

Prior to Saturday, Trump had expressed excitement about the event being held in Manhattan.

“I’ve always enjoyed and respected WWE’s brand of entertainment and look forward to the ceremony in my hometown at Madison Square Garden,” the Chairman and President of The Trump Organization said in a statement released by the WWE ahead of the ceremony.

Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald was disappointed by the audience's behavior and penned an op-ed defending the would-be conservative pundit. "How about Donald Trump," he wrote Monday. "Long before others did, The Don lauded Mr. McMahon’s vision ... and instead of thanking him or just watching quietly, you heckle him."

And this isn't the first time Trump has faced a disgruntled crowd. He was booed by members of the press at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, which he attended as a guest of the Washington Post.

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