Donald Trump Makes Wild Boast About 'Great Support' For The Border Wall

Trump bragged that there was "great support coming from all sides" for his campaign promise. But that's not the case.

President Donald Trump boasted on Twitter early Saturday that there was “great support coming from all sides” for border security and his promised U.S.-Mexico border wall.

However, that’s not the case.

Trump is refusing to end the partial government shutdown unless Democrats grant him federal funding for the wall that he originally told voters Mexico would pay for. Democratic lawmakers, including new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have pointedly said they do not endorse the wall idea.

Talks between Trump’s White House and congressional staffers are set to continue Saturday as they attempt to negotiate an end to the shutdown, the Associated Press reported.

But Trump followed up with another tweet in which he suggested how Democrats “could solve the Shutdown problem in a very short period of time.”

“All they have to do is approve REAL Border Security (including a Wall),” he wrote. “This would be so easy to do!” he added.