All The Ways Donald Trump Violated The Boy Scout Law Last Night

"Trump is the antithesis of Scout values."

Boy Scouts are encouraged to live their lives by a set of values which include trustworthiness, loyalty and courtesy. But President Donald Trump appeared to violate almost every one of those ideals during his rambling speech to 40,000 youngsters at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday.

Take a look at the Scout Law, and what each of its values mean:

And here’s how Trump stacked up:

TRUSTWORTHY: Trump asked “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?” before going on to talk about politics in front of the Boy Scouts.

LOYAL: Trump jokingly threatened to fire his Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price during the speech.

FRIENDLY: Trump was less than friendly when boasting about his election victory over former presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

COURTEOUS: Trump was hardly courteous when it came to the “fake news” media; he used his speech to slam its coverage of the administration.

KIND: Trump criticized former President Barack Obama and encouraged the Boy Scouts to boo him for never attending a jamboree. Obama did address the Scouts’ 100th-anniversary event in 2010 by video.

THRIFTY: Trump’s story about a friend who sold his company for “a tremendous amount of money” and then had “a very interesting life” on board a yacht did little to promote the value of carefully using time and property.

Twitter users also noted the discrepancies between Trump’s speech and the organization’s values. Here’s a sampling of the reaction:

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