Finally, Your Cat Can Protest Trump With Butt Jewelry

“My own cat kind of liked it and that scared me.”

It can be hard for cats to engage in civic life. U.S. law prevents them from voting, and though some of them run for president every now and then, they never seem to get invited to debates. 

Luckily, politically minded pussycats (and their owners) now have a new way to express their opinion on how they feel about Donald Trump - in the form of cat butt jewelry. 

A new website called is selling bejeweled pendants featuring The Donald’s face.


The Trumped-up trinket comes in three different models, each showcasing one of Trump’s trademark facial expressions: The Rich Smirk, The F-Bomb and The Ragin’ A-Hole.

Looking behind the gaudy, cheap costume jewelry and you’ll see the product slogan: “Protecting The Country From Pussy A**holes.”

The idea of protesting with a pussycat posterior belongs to two advertising professionals Marta Ibarrando and Evelyn Neill. 

“We were mad about Trump in a way that strikes a chord with us as human beings, women and, for me, as an immigrant from Spain,” Ibarrando told The Huffington Post. “We must do something to prove to America that Trump is an a**hole.”

Putting Trump’s visage near a feline’s fanny may seem like proof of animal cruelty, Neill has been surprised by her cat’s reaction to the butt jewelry.

“My own cat kind of liked it and that scared me,” she admitted to HuffPost. 

That said, since the apparatus is made out of small parts and an elastic that could be harmful if swallowed, make sure to only let your cat wear it with supervision. And if your cat absolutely hates the thing, don’t force the issue. Trump has already made us all suffer enough.



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