Donald Trump Can Be Stopped -- Draft Kim Kardashian

With Donald Trump leading the presidential race in the Republican Party by a "huge" margin, the Democratic Party needs to get serious here and produce a world-class elite candidate who can compete down at this level.

The obvious choice is Kim Kardashian.

Kim would wrest media coverage away from Trump. On recent evenings, all three networks of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News abandoned their prime-time news programs, and instead cut away for lengthy segments to a live video feed of Trump giving speeches. Flipping channels provided no relief because they all showed the exact same thing, like a presidential address. Trump was blabbing on and on about his own magnificence without saying a single word of substance, and all three news networks remained locked onto it.

Kim could give speeches that say absolutely nothing as well, but she could deliver them in a bikini.

Now that would trump Trump.

Plus, Kim is far more qualified to be president than Trump. She is way more famous. Her reality TV show was far better than Trump's. And Kim has 35 million followers on Twitter compared to Trump's paltry four million followers. It's not even close.

The presidential debates between the two would really distinguish the best candidate to lead this nation. Trump would start by asserting that Kim is not a "10." But this would not go over very well because the voters would see that Trump just attacks opponents without any basis in reality.

Trump would then seek to impugn Kim's moral integrity by reminding everyone that she made a sex video. Kim, however, would turn the tables on Trump and create a you're-no-Jack-Kennedy moment that would achieve presidential debate history by challenging Trump to make his own sex video and post it online so voters would have a basis for comparing the two candidates.

Actually, this is not such a bad idea. After all, with Trump proclaiming that voters should just "trust" him that he would be a good president based upon his personality instead of having to present any specific policies, voters do need some sort of a way to assess his ability to perform.

Now, some say that the Democratic Party should just stick with its current front-runner, Hillary Clinton. But Hillary has some very big problems in this new upside-down universe. She is intelligent, experienced and accomplished. That's not good. Hillary also has thought through many difficult issues facing this nation and she has developed smart policy positions on how she would seek to solve these issues as president. Big mistake. It's just difficult to see what all that dull and boring stuff has to do with anything.

So the Democrats need to rise to the occasion here and kick-off a movement to draft Kim.

Trump versus Kim will be the greatest spectacle of our time. The news networks will achieve record ratings and, of course, record profits. It will be the greatest reality TV show ever.

And a sad day for democracy.