Twitter Users Rip 'Complete Crackpot' Trump For Tantrum Over Greenland Failure

Trump said he wouldn't visit Denmark because the country won't sell Greenland.

President Donald Trump received a chilly reception on Twitter Tuesday after announcing via the platform that he would not visit Denmark.

The reason? The country won’t sell Greenland to the United States.

Greenland is not Danish,” Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters, per AP. “Greenland is Greenlandic. I persistently hope that this is not something that is seriously meant.”

That comment was enough for Trump to cancel a planned September trip to the nation.

The president initially downplayed reports that he wanted to buy Greenland, claiming “it’s not No. 1 on the burner.” However, in canceling the trip, he indicated that it was, in fact, the main reason for his visit ― and since she’s not selling, he’s not going.

Twitter users called him out for throwing a tantrum at one of America’s allies:

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