'Donald Trump Caterpillar': Flannel Moth Larva Looks Like Real Estate Mogul's Hair (PHOTO)

The cliche that man's most amazing creations are but mimics of nature has never seen stronger evidence than this: We present the "Donald Trump caterpillar."

Known more appropriately as the "flannel moth caterpillar," or "Megalopyge opercularis," the creature bears an uncanny resemblance to the famous hair of Donald Trump.


Discovery describes the caterpillar's "hair" as "long, fine silky appendages" that (amusingly, in our Trump comparison) is actually not hair at all.

The creature's "hairs" are actually a set of hollow, venomous spines. According to the University of Florida, flannel moth caterpillars are actually some of the most venomous in the United States. (Their stings are described as triggering an "intense burning pain.")

The specimen featured in the photo was captured on film in the Peruvian Amazon by Jeff Cremer and Phil Torres, who operate a rainforest expedition company in the country.

"When we show people the image some don't even know what it is, some think it's a mammal others a bird or some have said a plant," said Torres, a biologist, to the Daily Mail, describing the creature. "But to us and most of the people who've seen it, it's Donald Trump's toupee - left on a leaf in the Amazon."

Unlike Trump's hair, however, the caterpillar eventually transforms into a beautiful creature capable of flight.

The Donald Trump Caterpillar (left) and Donald Trump (right):
donald trump caterpillar

VIDEO of The Donald Trump Caterpillar:

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