Donald Trump Asks World Leaders To Call Him On His Cell Phone. That Can Only Mean 1 Thing.

Cue a barrage of jokes on social media.

President Donald Trump is being gleefully mocked over his latest reported request to world leaders.

On Tuesday, The Associated Press reported that Trump was encouraging his global counterparts to call him directly on his cell phone if they wanted to talk to him.

Twitter users were initially keen to point out the problems it could pose:

Many, however, used the opportunity to poke fun at Trump, suggest he was channeling Canadian rapper Drake, who sings the line “call me on my cell phone” in his 2015 track “Hotline Bling.”

Some also referenced Trump’s parody performance of the song on “Saturday Night Live” in 2015:

Others thought Trump might have been listening to too much Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2012 hit “Call Me Maybe”:

And these tweeters just imagined how the leaders would use the number: