Donald Trump's 'Gaslighting' Over Fox News Interview Goes Awry

Twitter users were perplexed by the president's praise for his much-panned sit-down with Chris Wallace.

Twitter users on Tuesday morning called out President Donald Trump for his brazen attempt at rewriting the narrative about his disastrous weekend interview on Fox News.

The president was widely mocked and slammed for his sit-down with Chris Wallace that aired Sunday. It featured Trump bragging about acing a cognitive test, continuing to downplay the coronavirus pandemic, refusing to say if he’d accept the 2020 election result and getting fact-checked to his face for false claims about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump had an alternate spin.

“Thank you for the good reviews and comments on my interview with Chris Wallace of @FoxNews,” the president tweeted. He noted the interview was “a record” in the heat, but didn’t say what the weather had to do with his behavior.

Tweeters were perplexed by Trump’s post.

Some accused the president of gaslighting. Others wondered if he was writing about the same interview they had watched:

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