Botched Trump Campaign Ad Vows To 'Protect' Statue -- In Brazil

Someone needs a map.

President Donald Trump’s recent obsession with statues took a turn for the strange this week when his campaign released an ad vowing to protect one ― in Brazil.

“We will protect this,” the social media ad, which ran under both Trump’s name and the name of Vice President Mike Pence stated.

Just one problem: The ad used an image of the instantly recognizable Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as spotted by The Daily Beast:

Trump has vowed to protect statues of the Confederate generals who killed Americans in a doomed effort to support slavery. He has also claimed that people want to remove statues of Jesus Christ.

Until now, anyway, his focus has been on U.S. statues.

Trump’s critics on Twitter offered up a geography lesson:

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