'Staggering Moron': Trump Slammed For Climate Change Tweet

The president has previously claimed his "very high levels of intelligence" prevent him from believing in climate change.

President Donald Trump has once again attempted to dismiss climate change as a myth, calling for “Global Waming [sic]” to “come back fast” as parts of the Midwest brace for subfreezing weather.

Trump’s assertion that climate change does not exist because “windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees” suggests the president does not understand the difference between climate and weather.

As NASA notes, weather is a short-term event (minutes to months) while climate “is the average of weather over time and space.”

In 2017, 13 federal agencies unveiled a report which found that humans are overwhelmingly to blame for the world’s rapidly changing climate.

However, the president, who has previously claimed his “very high levels of intelligence” have led him to not believe in climate change, has a documented history of using winter weather to undermine the science behind global warming.

Twitter users were quick to school Trump on his latest tweet.

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