Trump Tried To 'Gaslight' About Coronavirus Again. Twitter Users Weren't Having It.

The president claimed the public health crisis "snuck up on us" just one day after saying he'd always known it was a pandemic.

President Donald Trump drew scorn on Twitter with his latest attempt to mislead Americans about the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, whose administration has been fiercely criticized for downplaying the threat and mishandling the federal response to the public health crisis, on Wednesday said it “snuck up on us.”

A day earlier, the president claimed he’d “always known” it was a pandemic and even “felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

Tweeters rebuked Trump over his continued contradictory statements, reminding him how warnings about the virus had actually been circulating since early January. Trump initially dismissed the threat, saying it was under control in the U.S. and might disappear in warm weather.

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