Donald Trump's 'SNL' Actually An Episode Of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

"Curb your enthusiasm" would be a realistic campaign slogan for 2015.

Donald Trump's latest stump on the fire and brimstone, American apocalypse tour was at "Saturday Night Live," where he settled into his true manifest destiny of being a clown making people laugh. Although fated for success, the whole affair ended up seeming like an actual affair, where viewers questioned why "SNL" was cheating on them with a tycoon cartoon goon who happens to be the leading Republican presidential candidate.

Perhaps it's just wishful thinking meant to shield us from the harsh reality of bleak truth, but there might be a secret explanation to what happened on Saturday night.

Satirical writer, Seinfeld2000, jokingly posited that Larry David used the Trump appearance to film another "Curb Your Enthusiasm" moment, evidenced by the iconically glum demeanor and gray wardrobe David put on during the closing credits.

Rewatch that moment with the "Curb" theme running through the background and maybe you'll be convinced. 

This is the kind of fan theory that makes life seem better. Just maybe this world does make sense. But as with most fan theories, that's probably just wishful thinking.


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